Classroom Expectations & Procedures

Classroom Expectations & Procedures

It is very important for students to feel comfortable and safe to have an effective learning experience.  In order for this to happen, there have to be expectations, consequences, and procedures made known and in place.  It is not acceptable for any one student to disrupt the learning of others.

Digital Citizenship Expectations

1.)    Respect others and their belongings at all times.

2.)    Arrive to class on time and prepared to participate. (And then participate!)

3.)   Pay attention and follow the directions the FIRST time they are given.

4.)   Do your BEST on ALL of your work.

5.)    No arguing with the teacher!

**Students will be held accountable for the choices they make, good or bad.  They have the choice each day to enter with a positive attitude and meet the expectations or to do the opposite.  Consequences will be given to those who choose poorly.

Consequences for your poor choices will come in the following forms, but not necessarily in this order.


1st time:                  Non-verbal cue – proximity or “The LOOK” :)

2nd time:               “Verbal” reminder to follow the expectations of the classroom.

3rd time:               Removal from the group/Isolated seating.

4th time:                Phone call home, lunch detention to be served with me writing sentences, setting up a behavior plan. Fill out PBIS monitoring form.

5th time:                Referral to the office.  (I really don’t want to do this!)  I would like to have you in class, but if you are not going to follow the rules and are keeping others from learning, I will do what I have to do to make sure that everyone else is able to keep learning.

*** Extreme disruptions and disturbances will be sent directly to the office! ***

Classroom procedures– Click here to download a Word document of our classroom procedures.


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